Prof. (Dr.) Manish Bhargava

Miracle happens every day, change your perception of what a miracle is and you will see them all around you.
Same experience I had in April, 2017, when my mother's heart collapsed and I rushed to Metro Hospital where Dr.  Ruchi Gupta and her team where she was giving her services as a unit head and senior consultant (lnterventional Cardiology) took her on top priority. One moment of time I was hopeless but it was the efforts made by Dr. Ruchi and her team to recover and made second life of my mother.
We are having a regular checkup at the Heart  and  Wellness Clinic and by her effective guidance my mother is leading a normal and healthy life. As well as myself having the same life under the guidance of Dr. Ruchi.

At Heart and Wellness Clinic, regularly take consultation from Dr. Ruchi and now after her effective treatment, enjoying a healthy normal life.

Professor & Principal, Maharishi Arvind Institue of Engineering and Technology