Mohita and Nitin Kaushal

In November 2013, I have faced a worst part of my life. That was an incident which no one wanted to happen in anyone's life and not to even enemies.

I was 5 months pregnant and suddenly felt a severe pain in my heart which reached to the extent that was unable to tolerate.

My husband Nitin Kaushal rushed me to a nearby hospital where the case gone in hand of Dr. Ruchi Gupta. She is very experienced, sensible & so much understanding, who can feel the emotions and pain of her patients. 

Nitin - It was our good luck and God's grace which made us meet Dr. Ruchi, who immediately took my wife for Angioplasty. 
My wife's 5th month pregnancy made me more tensed for taking any quick decision.

But Dr. Ruchi guidance helped and she operated my wife. The most appreciating part was that she took so much care & precautions that prevent baby from any kind of damage.

Mohita - She operated and brought me out of danger whereas all others were scared of anything bad happenings. After operation she motivated me and also helped me psychologically to build my confidence back.

I delivered a healthy baby in March 2014 and its all happened due to Dr. Ruchi Gupta, who handled that situation very perfectly.

Till today she is always happily available for any guidance required by us as now we are settled overseas at Zambia and my kid is almost 5 years. We are always thankful to God and at the same time to Dr. Ruchi.

For our known ones who need cardio consultancy we always refer them to Dr. Ruchi Gupta.

Mohita and Nitin Kaushal