A Rare Case of Acute Cerebrovascular Accident in the Post-Partum Period after Primary Angioplasty during Pregnancy

ECG of a pregnant lady with Acute Heart Attack

ECG of a pregnant lady with Acute Heart Attack

Angiography showing 100% blocked Coronary Artery
Image after Thrombus removal and angioplasty
Brain scan showing Infarct

A lady admitted with Acute Heart Attack with a six-month pregnancy, managed with medication, Angiography and Angioplasty with all possible safety measures for the foetus, kept on the medicines safe for the yet to be born child, delivered a healthy baby through an elective caesarian section. However, due to her pregnancy-induced hypercoagulable state (blood has a tendency to clot), she suffered a stroke in the postpartum period. She completely recovered from both these significant events. Her Heart returned to Normal functions too. 

This is a rare case and was selected for publication in The International Journal of Clinical Medicine (Archived Journal)

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