Mediritual Science Heals Heart Faster

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Genes have ruled for years and centuries.

The theory of one's genes being so influential in predicting one’s life have made humankind vulnerable and ease-loving.

The long-time proposed and rejected theory has now again gained momentum and platform, EPIGENETICS. It is you who is responsible for what’s happening to you. The environment around you which you live in (by your own choice) is more potent than your genes. Because we as humans still share more than 95% of our genes with monkeys... our ancestors.

Our evolution was need-based and circumstantial. Meaning thereby that the environment around us influenced our organs and systems to adapt.

As for physical ailments and heart problems (nonmodifiable risk factors like age, sex, race, and genes contribute minimally to our chances of predisposition to disease.

Modifiable risk factors (which we give birth to like smoking, excessive alcohol, obesity, cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle, stress and above all accepting everything as fate or predestined) are our choice.

Flight or fight is our choice

Famous American biologist Bruce Lipton promotes the idea that the gene expression can be influenced by environmental factors making people having a greater impact on their health.

The proteins in our organs get modified by our thoughts, our actions our reactions towards our surroundings. The same happens with the unexplained increased cholesterol deposition in arteries, acute myocardial infarctions in seemingly fit and healthy people.

It’s not the genes only. Similarly, it is not the brain. Its how you’re your mind perceives and while acting and reacting how your mind behaves, does it listen to you??

It’s time we realise that the environment is essential, its energy, anti-matter, vibrations which we receive is important.

Accept or evolve is our choice

Mediritual Science is a new concept of healing where we not only optimally treat your heart disease with dietary regulation, lifestyle changes, medicines, Angioplasty / EECP / CABG if required but also make sure that the medication acts and gives useful results by combining defined vibration therapy along. We hope to decrease the need for medicines too and even slow down the progression of the disease.

Your cooperation and trust is sought for same.

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